Vista upgrade needs old OS already installed

It looks like some folks upgrading to Vista may be in for a bit of surprise when they take a closer look at the installation instructions, with Ars Technica reporting that Microsoft has decided to shake up the upgrade procedure a bit this time around. The main change is that, unlike earlier versions of Windows, you apparently won't be able to simply use a license key from your old OS to install one of the upgrade editions of Vista on your PC, with Vista instead requiring that Windows XP or Windows 2000 already be installed. Those looking for a clean install won't be entirely out of luck, however, with Vista offering the option to back up your old OS and install Vista into a fresh directory. Although that'll no doubt be a small consolation to those looking to start from scratch on a PC without shelling out the big bucks for a full version of Vista, with them now having to go through two complete installations to get up and running.

[Via Slashdot]