Asus set to unveil LED-backlit U1F laptop at CeBIT

Apparently, Asus didn't have quite enough fun dishing out swank new laptop gear at CES, as the firm is now prepared to unveil its first LED-backlit machine at this year's CeBIT Show in Hanover, Germany. The ultralight U1F weighs in at just 2.2-pounds, and sports an 11.1-inch WXGA+ LED-backlit screen, steel edges, leather-clad palm rests, black motif, an ultra-low voltage Intel Core Duo processor, and of course, will come pre-loaded with Windows Vista. Unfortunately, Asus isn't spilling any more details on this one until the time is just right, but hopefully this noticeable move towards LED-backlit lappies will persuade a few otherfirms out there to follow suit, and soon.

[Via Laptoping]