iPod shuffle -- now with color

Well hello new iPod shuffles. Breaking free from their bleak battleship-grey origins, the $79 iPod shuffle now hits in your choice of pink, green, blue, and even a new tasty orange flavor. Still 1GB, still 12 hours of battery, and yes... available with free laser engraving just in time for Valentines Day.

Update: We got so distracted by all those flashy colors, we forgot to mention the neatest part of the announcement. You might remember the (minor) public outcry at Apple's failure to include those snazzy new iPod headphones with its 2G shuffle, especially considering the fact that the first time we got our hands on one, Apple was showing it off with the new headphones in tow. Well now it looks like Apple has finally gotten with the program and is including the new headphones with the 2G shuffle. Thanks, Christopher K. for pointing this out.