NDS announces P2P-enabled DVR solution

While peer-to-peer sharing certainly gets its fair share of critics, the sharing, caring approach to distributing media definitely has its useful (and legal) benefits, and now NDS has announced "two new product enhancements of Synamedia Metro, the NDS IPTV middleware solution," which looks to bring P2P technology to the DVR. Distributed DVR allows for any hard drive on the home's network to act as the storage device for your DVR, theoretically eliminating the need to even include an HDD in the set-top-box and giving customers the unadulterated ability to scale their storage capacity to fit their needs. Furthermore, the ShareTV system "allows IPTV subscribers to legally share their stored TV content using peer-to-peer technology running in the Jungo Residential Gateway software," essentially opening up a new realm of recorded television to access just in case your forgot to schedule a crucial recording. Of course, all of the files would be laced in DRM, and only users of NDS' system would be able to share and access the recorded content, but having a nearly endless supply of DVR'd shows at your disposal sure sounds appealing. Now, who's game to pick this system up and distribute to the people?

[Via PVRWire]