Philips' strolls out Xenium 9@9 phones with 40 day battery life

Philips' line of odd-named Xenium 9@9 GSM handsets will go pouncing around for more than a month according to the company. Yep, you guessed it -- an almost-untouchable 40 days of standby time (if you never use the thing, we guess) is what Philips is marketing these babies with -- along with 10 hours of talk time. Can you blame them? Who carries a home charger with them so that they can charge that ever-so-slim Li-Ion battery every 5 hours? We're more keen on a decent and realistic combination of talk and standby times from the marketing departments of cell handset makers, but we'll settle for the dream of 40-day standby for now. There are three separate handsets, from entry-level to what Philips calls a "smartphone" with a 128x160 pixel LCD. Although that low of a screen rez isn't that smart to us -- in fact, its rather prehistoric by now -- all three 9@9 handsets are now for sale at the Hong Kong website of Philips.