Sony announces CPF-IP001 iPod audio docking station

It's not the first iPod accessory we've seen from Sony, but the company's new CPF-IP001 iPod audio docking station is by far the most prominent display of its newfound iPod love/tolerance to date, and will no doubt cause more of a stir than that car adapter it tried to slip out under the radar. Sony doesn't appear to have gone all out in its iPod acceptance, however, with no mention of the near ubiquitous "Made for iPod" seal of approval to be found. The unit itself looks like it can hold its own though, with the two main speakers delivering 5W apiece and the separate subwoofer pumping out 15W to back 'em up. You'll also get a remote control and an additional line input if you want to plug in something with a little more room-shaking ability. Sony also doesn't appear to be wasting any time getting this one out the door, with it available to order now now for $250.

[Thanks, Mark]