Wiimote gun mod -- pop a cap in your Wii

So, you're a man's man, and while you might very well enjoy a game of Wii Tennis now and then, or launching a plunger or three at those dagnab Rabbids, you're getting tired of looking like a spazmo kid while you're at it. We're not sure about the spazmo part, but it won't be hard for people to take you seriously when you start waving this Wiimote gun mod thing around. Due to the limitations of machine translation, we're not too sure on the details of this hack, other than the fact that the trigger has been indeed wired to the Wiimote's B button, and that the original gun is an alarmingly realistic BB number that most likely would not be legal in the States without some sort of orange paintjob, and even then, we don't really recommend doing anything stupid with your own version of this -- don't even try and deny it, we bet you're already ordering up the materials -- 'cause Jack Bauer might just have to take you down.

[Thanks, Suzuki]