Aftermarket sun visor boasts display, DVD / TV / MP3 playback

Anyone who lives in a moderately large city or has seen just about any episode of Cribs is probably familiar with the LCD-infused sun visor, but the Sun Visor Theater ups the ante on the usual rendition by including the multimedia playback utilities right alongside the LCD. This aftermarket visor is sure to look completely awkward installed all by its lonesome on just the passenger's side, but packs a seven-inch widescreen display, built-in DVD / CD /MP3 player, TV tuner, and even includes an SD slot and USB port for additional expansion options. Moreover, you'll get integrated controls and a wireless remote, and while we're not sure if this thing includes a built-in speaker, we do spot a couple of headphone jacks just in case. So if you're looking for an admittedly tacky way to add a bit of in-car entertainment before your next long haul, and aren't swayed by the fact that a one-year warranty costs an additional $45, the Sun Visor Theater is available now for $299.95.

[Via TRFJ]