Caption Contest: Operation Red Ring of Death

The US Army just wrapped up its first live-fire exercise for Future Combat Systems technologies and equipment in Texas last week, with 36 soldiers testing out robotics, UAVs and remote sensors -- though it looks like Bogden here wasn't quite putting in his fair share of the work.

"Is it just me, or is the Xbox Live connection hella laggy out here?" Or, "Dude, have you guys played this America's Army game?!"
Evan: "Um, I'd love to keep playing UNO fellas, but I'm a little busy right now." Or, "Hey guys, anyone know how many Achievement points I get for taking out a landmine?"
Paul: "Just a sec guys, they're doing the romance dance!"
Thomas: "What's the command for safety off?"
Chris: "Just give me a sec, Sarge... I'm playing out this scenario in GRAW to see if we live or die." Or, "Gold subscription expired... I can't connect to the drone. Can I use your Visa, sir?"
Donald: "Hang on guys, we need a firmware update before we can go any further."
Darren: "I admit, I feel a little bad for keeping the head-mounted displays biz lucrative."