Lupus Sabene adds style, fabric to alarm clock

There's a plethora of techno-inspired alarm clocks available to wake you up with your own tunes, and there's even renditions that force you to play games with it in order to shut its yap, but Lupus Sabene has designed an alarm clocks that breaks the mold of existing models by adding a dash of pizazz to the bedroom mainstay. The aptly-named Fabric Clock is simply an average desktop alarm clock encased in designer walnut wood veneer and stainless steel, but taking the artsy approach one step further, Lupus has designed fabric-based covers to clip onto the front panel, adding a simplistic, modern touch to what would've been an eyesore. Ideally, users would have numerous Burberry-inspired covers to change with your mood, and although we've no idea how pricey this thing will be, those comfortable with basic DIY hardware shouldn't have too much difficultly creating one of their very own.

[Via SciFiTech]