Nokia's E90 set for 3GSM release next week?

With the 3GSM World Congress just about to kick off next week in Barcelona, Nokia's machine is somehow allowing the beans to spill on the newest Nokia Communicator, dubbed the E90 (unofficially). This new Communicator will most likely be released next week and we'll be sure to see all the nasty info then. Until then, a lucky soul was granted a pass to play with the E90 recently and used these words to describe the experience: beautiful, short and thin, squarish, solid hinges, S60 third edition, HSDPA / EDGE / WiFi and black plastic. If that's not enough to whet your whistle, get over to the forum post at and read all the excruciating details, minus any official photos for now. We're trying to score some nicer high-res pics of this thing -- anyone have any? To the right is the older 9500 -- which looks positively ancient.

[Thanks, EC]