Project Grizzly guy forced to auction Trojan 'Halo suit'

Normally we'd start off a post about the sale of Canadian Troy Hurtubise's Trojan fully-armored exoskeleton with a few amusing Robocop quips, but the reason Troy has to let his crazy, high-tech creation go makes such frivolity seem a little inappropriate. You see, Troy -- inventor of such products as several well-documented bear suits, a fire-resistant paste, and a strange device that he claims can see through walls and skin -- spent $150,000 developing the Trojan (apparently his family's entire savings), along with 1,800 hours on everything from calibrating the helmet-mounted laser to designing the unique, um, crotch-mounted digital compass / world clock. Well even after all the media exposure that made his get-up something of an internet celebrity recently, Troy was unable to find any buyers interested in mass producing what was projected to be a $2,000 piece of equipment -- reportedly leaving him broke and facing eviction. If you do decide to pursue this one-of-a-kind wearable tank (it can supposedly withstand a shotgun blast at point blank), keep in mind that you're getting more than just the suit itself, as Troy is also throwing in rights to the so-called "Shadow Armor" formula that he developed; entrepreneurial military contractors take note. So far there hasn't been a single offer on the badass Trojan, and with a starting bid of only $1,000, there's a chance that you could pick this beauty up for a song (the reserve, however, is unknown). We had a pretty funny Batman joke to close things out with, but instead we'll just direct you to the video after the break, and use this space to wish Troy and his family the best of luck.

[Via The Hamilton Spectator, thanks Bill D.]