Archos 704 "Mobile DVR" with WiFi unveiled, thanks FCC

Archos wasn't joshing around with this whole WiFi bit, and while that 604 WiFi of theirs might've gotten dinged a bit in the reviews, it seems that they're back for more with this new 704 WiFi that the FCC so kindly has revealed to us. Very little is known about the functionality so far, but that whole "Mobile DVR" tag on the name could imply that Archos is packing a bit more TV-centric functionality into the device -- rumors have mentioned the possibility of a built-in TV tuner -- or perhaps just trying to position the same old, same old a tad bit better in the market. From what we can tell from the pic, we would say the screen is a decent bit larger than the 604's 4.3-inches, possibly even the 7-inches that rumors suggest, and from what specs we have, we know there's a CPU (duh), flash memory (most likely for buffering), a hard drive (double duh), 802.11b/g WiFi and DDR2 RAM inside this thing. Hopefully whatever is under the hood will be enough to pep up that GUI for more productive WiFi-based web browsing. Perhaps the best news in all this is that the FCC is totally breaking Archos' confidentially request on this one, which should be in effect for another 15 days or so, meaning Apple's hopes of keeping iPhone docs under wraps until June 15th just got that much slimmer. Peep another shot after the break.