Bill banning iPods and cellphones on New York City streets coming

Brace yourselves good people of New York, mother government is prepared to step in (again) and save you from yourselves. Senator Carl Kruger is reportedly set to introduce legislation that would ban the use of MP3 players, cellphones, and any other electronic device while crossing the street in New York City or other "big cities" in the state. The proposed ban follows two recent pedestrian deaths in Kruger's district where at least one is said to be the result of a person "listening to his iPod." We just gotta wonder: if police can't enforce jaywalking laws in NYC, how could they possibly enforce this?

Update: Instead of preaching to the choir on this, why not take Chris' advice from the comments section and send Senator Kruger an email. We're sure he'd love to hear your thoughts on his proposed ban.

[Thanks Chris and Jusin Z]