Bizarre PSP mod adds a cooling fan, utility in question

The overheating syndrome has struck just about every area of consumer electronics possible, and while spinning that UMD might get your fingertips ever-so-toasty, we haven't heard any mass outcries of PSPs getting hot enough to cook breakfast on, but apparently none of that matters. In a rare case of besting an already questionable mod just days ago, this DIY installation is a real head scratcher, as Acidmods details how to install an actual cooling fan onto the rear of your Sony handheld. Your guess is as good as ours as to why this hack-job is actually beneifical, but if your only alternative is obliterating your PSP with a sword, we guess we'll have to recommend you hop on over and get your hot gluing on -- but only after you've mastered the art of stuffing three AAA cells into its battery pack, cool?

[Via Joystiq]