Tascam MP-GT1 DAP touts guitar input for gnarly play-alongs

Tiger Electronics' Power Tour instructional guitar is weak sauce compared to what TEAC's latest training tool can accomplish, as the Tascam-branded MP-GT1 offers up a whole lot more than just MP3 playback. Aside from boasting a monochrome 128 x 64 resolution screen, 1GB of internal storage, a rechargeable Li-ion lasting around eight hours, and MP3 / ID3 tag support, this pocket-friendly DAP also touts a line-in for your axe, built-in tuner / metronome, and a bevy of sweet controls as well. Users can queue up their favorite track, plug in their guitar, and begin to shred away while attempting to follow along, but for the more creative out there, this little box also features ten different effects to modify the sound of your instrument. To top things off, an internal algorithm sniffs out the guitar frequencies in whatever track you're listening to, and if you switch on the VSA function, it mutes (as best it can, we presume) the recorded guitar track so the only six-string you hear twanging is your own. TEAC's latest toy for guitar freaks should be landing in Japanese shops the last day of this month, and at just ¥20,000 ($166), we're deeming this a surefire bargain.