Boingo launches worldwide WiFi service -- just for mobile phones

3GSM is cranking along and so are the carrier and manufacturer announcements. Among one of the brightest ones today has been the announcement that Boingo Wireless -- the world's leading wholesale network aggregator (fancy term for WiFi ISP) -- will soon unveil the "Boingo Mobile" service to provide what appears to be the first global WiFi Internet service. Sounds rather solid -- but it gets even better because Boingo Mobile is specifically designed for WiFi phones and devices as opposed to dedicated computers and computing devices (not that there's anything wrong with the 802.11n lappy). So, you have a feast for that newer UMA handset and have looked for a solution that goes beyond that slower-than-I'll-get-out HSDPA access? If you're near on of the thousands of Boingo WiFi hotspots around the world, you can tap into the Boingo Mobile network at the flat rate of USD $7.95 per month by visting to get Boingo's free software and to check for mobile handset / device compatibility (hint -- WM5 is all for now). It's great to see a global WiFi operator differentiate -- and treat -- two different uses of WiFi at separate and appropriate price levels, since, ya know, not many are BitTorrenting from their handsets these days.