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Fembot birds are hot to trot

Fembot birds are hot to trot
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|February 12, 2007 7:02 AM

Apparently male sage-grouses, like some people, really aren't picky enough about their mates to discern between the real deal and a dolled up machine. Unlike 90% of other, monogamous birds, it's that oversexed sage-grouse libido that's fueling UC Davis researcher Gail Patricelli's project, designed to learn the innermost secrets about the game birds' mating rituals. The fembot bird (no Austin Powers jokes, please) wheels -- head bobbing -- around all dolled up, just waiting for males to approach and do their mating ritual. Apparently something's working right, too: Patricelli said of her coquette, "The males liked her quite well." We'd rather not dwell on what "quite well" must mean in her line of work, but we're happy for her -- and her cold-hearted fembot -- all the same.

[Via The Raw Feed]
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