HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger handset gets reviewed

Ready for HP's latest iPaq -- that does not even resemble a traditional iPaq? HP's new "iPaq Voice Messenger" device is, well, just that -- a newer cellphone with a traditional numeric keypad. Normal features from "smarter" phones are in there, like the new Windows Mobile 6 and of course built-in WiFi. What is new about this baby, according to HP's marketing machine? The 510 has HP's "Voice Commander" so that it can read emails through the loudspeaker and respond to voice commands that control just about anything on the unit itself -- like those in cars that can't stop working even while they are driving. Now that's multitasking -- and it's more safe than navigating to your Outlook server while driving, even with the best d-pad there is. You can even compose an "audio email" via voice control (sweet, we think). EDGE comes standard (wha -- no HSDPA?) and Laptop Review has a pretty good impression of the device with all it has onboard (like HTML email). Will it fly off shelves?