Nokia's E61i QWERTY and E65 slider announced: some style for the suits

We knew they were coming and now, finally, Nokia went and blessed their quad-band GSM / UMTS / WiFi totin' E61i and E65 official. The E65 is the first slider to drop as an E-series business device. Although the styling is a bit flash for an E, this slider is designed with suits in mind so it'll integrate just fine with your corporate telephony system. The E61i (pictured) also integrates with your corporate email system -- as you'd expect from QWERTY-based E -- and adds a 2 megpapixel camera to the mix as well as an enhanced keyboard which includes new NAVI and "One Touch" keys. Both the E65 and E61i feature Nokia's new Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0 platform which, according to Nokia, allows businesses to "achieve new levels of productivity and competitive advantage." We'll just have to wait and see about that. The E65 is already available in select markets while the E61i won't pop until Q2 -- both S60 devices will demand an unsubsidized price of about €400. You can peep the E65 after the break.