Yahoo Music exec agreeing with Jobs' DRM-free sentiment?

It's not everyday that you see two rivals agreeing on a subject where they become the vast minority in a horde of DRM-enforcing media protectors, but it seems like this parallel universe isn't so far out after all. According to an interview by SiliconValleyWatcher, the head of Yahoo Music (Dave Goldberg) seemed to agree with Steve Jobs that ridding music of DRM was best for sales. The exec even stated that he had "long advocated removing DRM on music," and noted that an internal research study found that sales of DRM-free tunes were greater than those laced in protection. Interestingly, it seems that Mr. Goldberg was aiming his comments at questions regarding the general difficulty for the average consumer to get purchased music "off the PC" and into places like DAPs and vehicles, but insinuated that stripping digital tracks of DRM was at least a reasonable option to a challenge in which he "didn't know the best solution." C'mon Dave, do a bit of fast talking in order to throw DRM to the wind and set a new standard for others to follow, pretty please?

[Via Macworld]