Zyken's NightCove provides a pricey better night's rest

While we've seen our fair share of methods to make your night's rest a bit more comfortable (or uneasy), Zyken's latest supposedly provides the perfect solution to combat "light pollution" and help you sleep exactly as nature intended. While you may be functioning on highly caffeinated beans or an overpriced can of energy-injecting liquid right now, the LED-infused NightCove emits various colors throughout the night to coincide with the time, theoretically "stimulating melatonin production" and helping folks sleep better. Of course, there's "proven research" on the firm's website suggesting that these claims are indeed factual, and we must admit the design would lend a hand in sprucing up a mundane bedroom, but for a reported €1,785 ($2,324), it's only a hair cheaper than the entirely more impressive million dollar bed.

[Via ShinyShiny]