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Brando joins wacky world of fakes with "Nokir E828"

Remember that sketchy Nokia N73 ripoff that happily traded any semblance of 3G data -- and legitimacy, for that matter -- for a touchscreen? It seems Brando, everyone's favorite overseas purveyor of all things gadgety, has gotten into the Keepin' It Real Fake business (a slippery slope, if we do say so ourselves) by offering up said N73 forgery as the "Nokir E828" ("Nokir" instead of "Nokia," get it?). We remain utterly underwhelmed by the E828's meager spec sheet; the QVGA screen with stylus is cool, don't get us wrong, but GPRS is the widest bit pipe you're going to squeeze out of this thing and the 2 megapixel cam cowers in the shadow of the N73's 3.2 megapixel piece. Ah well, at least it only sets buyers back $200 -- and just like the eBay-hawked version before it, that's a good chunk less than the real deal.