Michigan Tech students craft 20,000 watt snow horn

While we've seen water-based, cement cast, and speaker-shaped speakers make their respective debuts lately, this Michigan Tech project might just take the proverbial cake. Seeking to becoming kings of university's annual snow statue building contest, a few zany students crafted a monstrous snow horn, fully equipped with tweeters, mid-range drivers, and subwoofers. The horn was unfortunately disqualified from the competition due to using "materials other than snow," but how can you not hand over a gold medal to a team that braved the freezing cold in order to craft a 20,000-watt megaphone? You heard right, powering this immense array of drivers were nine Behringer EP2500s and a Crown XLS602, and while we've no way of confirming, we have every reason to believe that folks have "called to complain from miles away." So if you've ever wondered what (is probably) the loudest speaker to ever be constructed primarily from snow looks like, be sure to hit the read link for a bevy of in-progress and finalized snapshots.

[Via Audio Junkies, thanks Lukas G]