Sling under legal fire for patent infringement

A chap that goes by the name of Stuart Mershon is the latest in a line that stretches to the horizon of those bent on putting the legal spurs to our nation's antiquated patent (and legal) system, specifically over Sling Media's line of category-defining Slingbox placeshifters. We're by no means patent lawyers, so we typically try not to side (too heavily) when these kinds of suits rear their ugly heads, but seriously, you've got to check out Mershon's patent in question: the dude was issued a patent for in-home short range wireless headphones to connect to one's home speaker system. Perhaps we're missing out on some of the subtleties of his technology that overlap with the very wired (read: not at all wireless) personal television internet broadcasters that are Slingboxen, but it's in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas's surely capable hands for now.

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