USB Sound Flash Drive packs integrated speaker

If picking up a Les Paul-inspired, iNAND embedded, and aromatherapeutic flash drive still hasn't quelled your cravings for more of that USB key love, here's yet another spin on plug 'n play storage. While the average consumer might not view an integrated, USB-powered speaker flanking the end of a thumb drive an actual "necessity," the eNECESSITIES USB Sound Flash Drive might very well be a priority in an advertisers bag of tricks. Designed to make promotional managers and marketing gurus drool, this device is ideal for loading up "10 to 20 second" WAV, AIFF, or MP3 sound clips which play back when connected to a computer, essentially leaving users no choice but to hear your plug every time they insert the drive. Sadly, you aren't likely to pick one of these up on your own, as the 250 piece minimum order quantity eliminates just about everyone except those running a business, but if you dear readers want to get a group buy started in the comments, be our guest.