Sony goes PMA crazy, planning seven more Cybershots

We were already feeling the Cybershot love with the DSC-W80, W90 and W200 Sony foisted upon us today, but it appears those aren't the whole story. Sony is planning at least seven more Cybershot cameras for PMA 07 this March: The DSC-T100, H9, G1, W60, W85, T20 and H7. The main surprise in this group is the G1, the rest of 'em appear to be natural extensions to current lines. Obviously the W80, W90 and W200 didn't really bring a lot of surprises other than the HDMI ports on the latter two, and we aren't really expecting much different from the W60 and W85, though we do know the W60 will fit into the W80's underwater housing. The T100, which we hear has an 8.1 megapixel CCD and 3200 ISO, and its T20 buddy are most likely fashionable shooters of the T10 or T30's ilk, while the H9 and H7 probably pick up where those mid-range H5 and H2 Cybershots left off. The mysterious G1 eludes us, but we've spotted a £319 ($622 US) pricetag, which would put this thing pretty far into the upper-tier price wise. From the looks of things, Sony's evolution-centric lineup isn't going to turn many heads at PMA, but perhaps Sony still has some fancy surprises still up its sleeves -- like a new Alpha camera, oh pretty please?