ACCS GRAViTONUS gives quadriplegics tongue-controlled computer interface

While other forms of alternative computing are certainly available, yet another group of researchers are touting their own rendition as a radical new way for quadriplegics to engage in computerized learning and entertainment. Dubbed the Alternative Computer Control System (ACCS) GRAViTONUS, the proposed hands-free system would enable folks who have suffered spinal cord injuries or other forms of paralysis to dictate basic computer functions entirely with their tongue. The prototype looks to be quite non-invasive, and when worn around one's head, can enable users to mouse around and navigate within applications by way of a precise tongue-controllable interface. Interestingly, it's even stated that the device won't hinder one's ability to drink, speak, or breathe, but we assume you'd have to give the mouthpiece a good washing after every use to avoid bacterial buildup. Nevertheless, the ACCS GRAViTONUS backers are now scouting VCs who'd like to get this creation to market, so if you've been looking for something intriguing to get wrapped up in, give these blokes a ring.