Canon debuts SD750 and SD1000 Digital ELPH cameras

Two new compact and fashionable PowerShot Digital ELPHs from big C, the SD750 and SD1000. Canon seems to be mostly focused on the looks here: we've never seen a growed-up digicam manufacturer be so proud of "Dynamic Dual-Tone Elegance," but there's decent stuff under the hood. Like most of the PMA-bound cameras we've spotted, these include Face Detection-based auto focus, auto exposure and red-eye correction. There's also the DIGIC III Image processor, and ISO as high as 1600, but everybody comes for the basics: 3x zoom, 7.1 megapixel CCD and a 2.5-inch LCD in each shooter. The $300 SD750 gets a bit fancy on form factor, but manages to be a mere 0.75-inches thick, while the 4.5 ounce SD1000 keeps the the classic ELPH look and also retails for $300. Both should be out in March, and include 32MB SD cards for good luck, though no mention is made of SDHC. Remember, it's fashion first for this line.