Helio's Pantech PN-810 QWERTY device pops up in FCC

And here it is, Helio's coup de grâce. The QWERTY handset we'd heard Helio was cookin' up with Korea's Pantech actually hit the FCC some time ago, but the shots we were able to glean from the test apparatus documentation were teasers at best. Thanks to the wonders of expired confientiality agreements, that same FCC documentation now yields a bounty of goodness, including a user's manual and a full array of pictures. The so-called PN-810 gives the illusion of a dual slider, but actually employs two distinct layers to provide two completely different keypads depending on the slide direction: QWERTY in one, numeric in the other. Key features (other than the unusual form factor, of course) include a 2.1 megapixel cam, Bluetooth, and the full array of goodies that comes with Helio membership. A release date remains uncertain, but the PN-810's been chilling with the feds for some time now, so we wouldn't be terribly surprised to see it hit in the near term.