Apple prepping updates for all Mac lines by June?

We're not holding our breath on this one. MacScoop is promising some sweeping changes to Apple's Mac lineup, including a black iMac, 8-core Mac Pro, ultraportable MacBook Pro and a 15-inch MacBook. MacScoop even conjectures the aging Cinema Displays could be due for a refresh, and seems to think a Mac OS X Leopard release in late March is in the cards. It all sounds plenty reasonable, there are a lot of products in Apple's flock that are getting a bit stale, but we're rather doubtful there are any sort of "tipsters well placed at Apple," spilling this info to the MacScoop folks. After all, the last time we spotted MacScoop making hardware predictions, their "sources believed to be very reliable" totally missed on that ultraportable 12-inch MBP prediction for Macworld Expo 2007.