Orient Computing BREAKS-EASY obliterates your hard drive

Kingston's self-destructing flash drive not good enough for you? The mighty Iron Drive not up to snuff (or capacious enough)? If you're personal data could place you or your loved ones into all sorts of danger (legal or otherwise), Orient Computing's got it all taken care of. While other devices have surfaced that sport a ridiculous amount of security layers, there's just nothing like completely obliterating your pertinent information moments before the CIA drops your door and apprehends you. Of course, not everyone's necessity to hastily make their 2.5- or 3.5-inch hard drives completely "useless and unreadable" stems from criminal activity, but it seems like the thrift store would be a better (albeit less exciting) destination for a doomed HDD if there was nothing to fear. Still, there's no word on price or release date just yet, but there's always the bottom of a deep river if you need an instant solution.