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Gamer busted for "borrowing" library WiFi after hours

Gamer busted for "borrowing" library WiFi after hours
Jeannie Choe
Jeannie Choe|February 25, 2007 4:11 PM

We're well aware of WiFi bogarting from unsuspecting neighbors or coffee shops, but who knew there'd be a crackdown at the local house o' books? Cops couldn't leave well enough alone when they rolled up on 21 year-old Brian Tanner jammin' on some WoW-type action in a library parking lot. Tanner's lappy was confiscated and he now faces possible criminal charges for illegally accessing WiFi at the Palmer, Alaska library after hours. While the library could thwart such wardrivers by simply disabling the dang signal at closing, they continue to enforce some usage rules that Mr. Tanner may or may not have been aware of -- the authorities claim this greedy gamer's notorious for WiFi piggybacking and has been "chased out of a number of locations" in the area.

[Via Fark]
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