Macroswiss dishes out modern day periscope with DVR

If you're interested in traveling the globe, receiving paychecks where taxes aren't removed first, and getting excellent retirement benefits, a slot in the US Army could be calling your name, but we understand the whole "fear" aspect of joining a Call of Duty deathmatch for realz. Thanks to Macroswiss, however, a newfangled position could be opening up for those not quite ready for the frontline, as its Advanced Combat Camera System (ACCS) is essentially a "giraffe pole camera system" which allows a camcorder to be held out at a "safe distance" and record footage to an onboard DVR. While we're not exactly sure what type of go-go gadget reach this thing has, we do know the camera system touts "color zoom, low light / thermal sensors," and can be deployed in a variety of scenarios to support combat units and keep a video log of actual events for training and reporting purposes. Also dubbed a "camera on a stick" (COAST) solution, this modern day periscope is available right now for governmental use or just having a bit of role-playing fun in your pal's backyard, but we should probably be sure our enemies don't have one of these ready and waiting to counteract.

[Via Gizmag]