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All Nippon Airways giving away DS trivia game

All Nippon Airways

are no strangers to the world of bizarreNintendo tie-ins. But ANA Original Gotouchi Kentei DS (Local Trivia DS) is a special kind of weird: an updated ANA-themed version of developer Spike's (non)game about Japan trivia. The original version covered writing, geography, and other concepts in order to test players' knowledge of their home country. We have no idea what the new ANA version will be about-- airline history? Identifying famous places in Japan based on aerial photos? Airplane safety procedures?

What we do know is how unlikely any of us are to see it. Only 3,000 copies are being produced, and they're being given away to ANA travelers along with DS Lites. So it's either flying the friendly skies or traversing the murky waters of eBay.

[Via Famitsu]