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Giant enemy crabs: The story behind the meme

Giant enemy crabs: The story behind the meme
Blake Snow
Blake Snow|February 27, 2007 6:03 PM

The March issue of Wired has a feature on snack culture -- the age of bite-sized infotainment in which we live. The article examines how Sony's "bloated" 2006 E3 presentation got reduced by Macaw45 to a one minute YouTube video mostly about giant enemy crabs, Ridge Racer shouted several times, and a $599 price tag that ultimately gave rise to the tired Massive Damage meme in the process.

Author Daniel Dumas writes: "The defining shot in Macaw45's montage showed a game developer explaining how to defeat giant enemy crabs: 'Attack its weak point for massive damage!' A meme was born: The phrase became the 'All your base are belong to us' of 2006, and it was used as shorthand for Sony's lameness." You mean viral videos can come back to bite us? Oh noes!

UPDATE: Fixed "Ride Racer" typo. Whoops.
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