Parallels Desktop comes out of beta, update available

It's taken its time cutting its teeth in beta and release candidate versions, but it looks like Parallels has finally grown up, emerging today in its "final version" -- that is, until the inevitable round of non-beta updates begin. Those that have been dealing with the various betas won't find too many surprises in this new version, however, with familiar features like Coherence's seamless application integration and Vista support making an appearance in presumably more stable states. Current Parallels users don't have much to lose with the update though, as its available as a free download for anyone that's already paid their dues. Everyone else can either try out a free 15-day trial or fork over the $80 for the full version. In either case, be prepared to wait in line -- last we checked, Parallels' site was having having some serious trouble coping with the demand.

[Via Infinite Loop]