Neochroma mobile projector blows up cellphone screens

Micro and mobile projectors aren't exactly fresh goods anymore, but Neochroma Ltd. is looking to bring a simplified approach to getting big screen action out of your diminutive LCD. Rather than concocting some new proprietary cable or force you to rock a gaudy head-mounted display, the Viewmaster-esque Neochroma prototype simply requires users to place their (preferably clamshell) mobile's screen atop the mirror-packed device, and then the internal magic does the rest. Unfortunately, details about its inner workings are scant, but we do know that the finalized design should measure around 4- x 2- x 1.2-inches, utilize stereoscopic technology, and sport a viewing angle "roughly equal that of a 19-inch monitor at a 30-inch viewing distance." While already tested with Sharp's VGA-rockin' 904SH, we've no idea what future phones will indeed be "Neochroma-ready," but if these guys and gals keep their word, we'll be seeing all we can handle "within two years."

[Via Textually]