Apple's next big move: Multitouch displays?

Speaking of multitouch

, Steven Johnson, the guy who wrote Everything Bad is Good For You and Emergence, isn't normally our go-to guy for Apple rumors, but he has an interesting theory about what the company's next big move might be. He speculates that all these hints about new, unannounced features for Leopard, combined with a delay in the release of new Apple Cinema Displays, the coming launch of the iPhone, and rumors about a new "ProTools killer" that relies on touch screens, all point toward the introduction of new multitouch-capable displays and the rollout of iPhone-like multitouch interfaces across Apple's product line. Yeah, that'd be crazy, right? Jobs definitely loves having symmetry in his product lines, so even though this seems pretty unlikely it's not totally impossible that he'd want to bring multitouch to stuff besides the iPhone. That said, we haven't heard a single thing about new Apple displays sporting multitouch capabilities, so for now we'll file this one under "wild speculation."