BitTorrent Entertainment Network disappoints, frustrates

It's no surprise that BitTorrent's new venture peddling movies, TV shows, and video game downloads has failed in the eyes of many a new user, including the fine folks at Ars Technica. Their initial review reported positive marks for customer experience while browsing and purchasing, however once payment was received, hurdles were quickly set in place. BitTorrent failed to recognize the user's PC, however a Mac with the same IP worked swimmingly -- the real pain being that the files weren't Mac-compatible, so they had to be transferred to the PC for viewing. Download speeds were found to be fast, "but not really any more so than you would expect with any other commercial service." The bulk of frustration was attributed to -- surprise, surprise -- DRM failure, where over 50% of the purchases were rendered useless... quite the cherry on top of a fruitless ordeal. Should BitTorrent choose to continue BTEN service with a gusto, they'd be wise to ensure a smooth ride from start to finish -- and they better act fast before media-less customers go back to using the old, scary, wild-west-style BitTorrent.

[Via Slashdot]