PS2 burgled, held ransom for gas money

While stealing gaming consoles from cancer patients is just wrong, you can't blame someone for holding stuff ransom when owed a bunch of cash. Des Moines, Iowa resident James Kloppenburg awoke Monday morning to find a glass panel removed from the front storm door, and more disturbingly, his PS2 nowhere in sight. He reported the theft, stating he already knew the equipment would be returned if he payed the disgruntled burglar an undisclosed amount of owed gas money. However, it was written in the police report that "James changed his mind and told me he didn't want charges filed against (the suspect.)" The offender was obviously close to the victim, aware that Kloppenburg's despair would not stem from the missing console, but more so from a memory card full of hundreds of hours of gameplay, and very likely, a neglected social life. So let this be a lesson to all you deadbeat ride-mooching gamers: you better pay up if you wanna play up.

[Via Joystiq]