Windows Mobile 6 review roundup

Now that the mobile world has had a little time to digest Microsoft's latest offering, we thought we'd take this opportunity to circle back, put our ear to the ground, and have a look at some of the press Windows Mobile 6 is generating. LAPTOP Magazine spent most of its time with a Standard device ("Smartphone" in the Windows Mobile 5 world), and although the OS bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor in pretty much every respect, the review manages to focus on the positive: Office document viewing, improved stability (our apologies if we just jinxed anyone), and the modestly improved Pocket Internet Explorer. PC Magazine took a more critical view of Microsoft's failure to revolutionize its mobile platform, passing on correcting some of its more serious flaws -- the lack of true process management possibly the biggest -- but still calls it "the best mobile operating system out there," giving it big props for smooth Vista integration and little efficiency boosts like the email client's SmartFilter. CNET draws the same conclusion about Windows Mobile 6 being evolutionary rather than revolutionary, pointing out that many basic tasks still require more clicks than they should, but the bundled Office apps were a crowd pleaser. As far as we're concerned, the biggest news here is not the software but the new (and varied) hardware that's being launched to run it -- at least until Microsoft gets serious about a next-gen mobile UI, anyway.

Read - LAPTOP Magazine (3.5 / 5, '...less intimidating and more approachable...")
Read - PC Magazine (4 / 5, "...doesn't disturb the OS's underpinnings or solve some of its deeper problems...")
Read - CNET (7 / 10, "...brings a collection of noteworthy improvements...")