Zune hacked for DivX support (sorta)

The Zune has already seen its fair share of hacks in its relatively short lifetime, from running Linux to supporting USB drives, but it seems that there's still plenty of room for improvement, the latest addition being a small but significant tweak that forces the device to play nice with your DivX files. Whipped up by a member of the Zune Scene forums, the hack simply consists of a modification to the Windows registry that allows DivX files to be dragged and dropped into the Zune software. Then, the next time you sync the device, the files are automatically transcoded into the more Zune-friendly WMV format, ready to be viewed at your leisure. The hack also apparently supports Xvid files, albeit with less than optimal results. Not exactly the solution that native DivX support on the player would be, but if you've got a pile of DivX file and nothing else to play 'em on, it looks like it's about the best you're gonna get for the foreseeable future. As always, however, if you're not comfortable messing with your registry, you may want to steer clear this one.