Corowave laser technology to boost computing speeds

As we eagerly await the next minute jump in microprocessor speeds, computing tech start-up Lightfleet presents its new patented Corowave laser technology, which they hope will send your ol' Core 2 Duos straight to the grave. Lightfleet's developments in laser transmission promise to boost efficiency in multi-core machines while also reducing space and power consumption. Each microprocessor, outfitted with a transmitter and receptors, sends and receives data in simultaneous arrays by using lenses to spread lasers and mirrors to reflect and direct them; each processor selectively receiving messages using embedded addressing information. This form of expedited and synchronous optical processing is ideally targeted toward large-scale applications tackling complex calculations. It really sounds interesting and all, but we'll need to see some real-world proof before we get all hyped up, and with no real mention of pricing or performance metrics, there's no way to tell yet whether these supposed advancements will be worth the added investment.

[Via Slashdot]

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