Hands-on video with Sony's new NW-A800

While some people are already slinging around such terms as "too little too late" for Sony's new NW-A800 video Walkman, we're saying the verdict is out until we get one in-hand. The next best thing to having one in pocket is this hands-on video from the YouTubes, which gives a nice little preview of the device. The software looks solid, though not incredibly flashy, but we like how responsive the unit is looking. Our friendly narrator finds the video quality to be "excellent" and the bundled headphones of a pleasantly surprising quality. Nothing here has us drooling, however, and we probably aren't going to automatically rush out and buy a dozen once Sony makes these available, but there's certainly some cautious optimism about this new offering from our ATRAC-pushing buddies at Sony. The video is after the break.

[Via Engadget Chinese]