Simple hack keeps Netflix Watch Now from tracking your minutes?

Remember how back in the day -- before software developers got wise to this sort of thing -- you could extend the life of some shareware indefinitely by simply winding back your machine's calendar every so often? Well according to tipster "Livesunkept" (a pseudonym, we suspect), a similar jury-rigged hack is all it takes to vastly extend your monthly allotment of viewing hours for Netflix's new Watch Now streaming video service. Normally Netflix keeps track of how long you've been watching, and correlates that number to the fee you pay each month, subtracting from your bank of minutes based on your subscription level (i.e. an $18 plan might give you 18 hours of streamed viewing). Always looking for a way to beat the system, Livesunkept discovered that if you disconnect your network adapter after a given movie has finished downloading (usually 15 to 20 minutes), and then clear your cache and cookies before reconnecting it at the end of the flick, Netflix will only charge you for a few minutes of viewing time even though you rightfully owe about two hours worth of credits. Now we don't really have time to watch movies around here -- thus no Netflix / Blockbuster subscriptions -- so we haven't been able to try this workaround out for ourselves and verify that it works. That's why we have commenters. So if you're a member of the Netflix posse, please do us a favor and report back after you've given this hack a whirl -- don't tell anyone else, though, or you'll risk ruining the supposed loophole for all the hard-working cheats and cheapskates out there.

[Thanks, Livesunkept]