Vulcan FlipStart escapes vaporware status, gets reviewed

It's always fun to see a bit of vaporware finally come into existence -- if only for the clever Duke Nukem Forever jokes that invariably ensue. Well this time it's Vulcan's time to show up all the naysayers and finally get the FlipStart out the door... almost. There's actually no word on availability yet, but PC Mag got a review unit of the chubsy E-1001S and even has a pricetag for the beast: $2000. The specs are almost respectable for the size: a 5.6-inch 1024 x 600 screen, Pentium M processor, 30GB HDD, 512MB of RAM and built-in. There's touchpad up above that QWERTY keyboard, which is a nice addition in such a cramped space, along with a pointing stick for double the cursor moving pleasure. Unfortunately, PC Mag seems to have pulled the review, so we don't have much of an idea how it stacks up against the competition yet -- a certain OQO Model 02 comes to mind -- but we're sure we'll be hearing more soon.

[Via Crave]