Fujitsu's MHW2 BJ series of disks: the "world's fastest, biggest, and quietest"

God loves the little children and super fast storage devices. That's why she gave us Uncle Al and the new MHW2 BJ series of 2.5-inch hard disk drives from Fujitsu. The new 2.5-inch, SATA 3.0Gbps HDDs max-out at 160GB, a world's biggest to spin at 7,200rpm. Sure, that pales in comparison to Fujitsu's own 300 gigger, but that chubster trundles along at just 4200rpm. These new 2.5-inchers operate at just 25 decibels when idle but suck a biggie 2.3W when throwing around data at up to 300Mbps. So what's it going to be, lickity quick bits or battery friendly capacity? You have until the end of the May to decide 'cause that's when these new speedsters will appear as an option in your high-performance laptops.

[Via Impress]