iTunes 7.1 out, claims to play nicer with Vista

It looks like those legions of iPod owners who have been taking Apple's advice to hold off on upgrading to Vista can finally dust off their month-old DVD cases and get their upgrade on, as iTunes 7.1 has officially been released with "a number" of the compatibility issues accounted for. According to the release notes, however, a few known problems still remain, with the most serious being the nasty possibility that your iPod gets corrupted when you go by the book and select "Safely Remove Hardware" from the taskbar to, um, safely remove your hardware. Instead, users are advised to choose "Eject iPod" from the iTunes Control menu or "Restore" if they're reading this just a little too late. Other remaining quirks include sporadic address book syncs, messed up text and graphics (resizing the window should do the trick), and annoyingly, continued lack of support for any 64-bit editions of Windows, be it XP or Vista. Meanwhile, in other news, the ten Zune owners who also rock a Mac are still waiting patiently for Microsoft to acknowledge their existence.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]