Nokia 6300 gets reviewed

As S40 phones go, the recently-announced 6300 from Nokia sits near the top of the hill -- on paper, at least -- with a stylish 13.1 millimeter profile and a reasonably well-stacked spec sheet. Does it hold its own in the real world, though? phoneArena put the thin candybar through an extensive battery of tests, coming away with a reasonably positive impression overall. As 2 megapixel cams go, the 6300's was a bit weak, the volume rocker on the phone's side was a bit funky, and we're not too sure how we feel about a handset with a meager 9MB of internal storage these days, but for the uptight, non-smartphone-minded target demographic, the 6300 should fill the bill quite nicely. Click on for the full review, but don't get too attached if you're in the US -- the lack of 850MHz is going to bum you out.

Update: There is a version of the 6300 with 850MHz support in the cards, though it wasn't the version phoneArena rocked. Sorry for the confusion! [Thanks, Pablo]